Open Space

Our initial thoughts on how the development could enhance public open space.

The development of the site will include major improvements to the existing landscape by clearing the landfill and treating the land contamination. This provides an opportunity to rethink and reshape the open space on the site making it safer and more accessible. This will bring health and wellbeing  benefits to people by encouraging outdoor activity. We are exploring ways in which the new open space could be provided on the site and how it might be connected to the wider Friar Park neighbourhood. Our initial ideas are shown below.   

Approach 1 - Linear Park

Approach 1 – Linear Park

Create a linear park along the edge of the site which links Friar Park Road with Kent Road. 
This would offer a large open space for recreation and leisure.  
It would provide a generous natural corridor for wildlife and plants as well as a generous landscape buffer to the railway sidings.

Approach 2- Community Parks

Provide a series of parks which are distributed around the site in key gateway locations.
 This would create smaller green spaces which are closer to more of the residents and be well overlooked by the new houses.
Approach 2 - Community Parks
Approach 3 - Central Park

Approach 3 – Central Park

Form a large centrally located park. This will provide well defined open space in the heart of the development with direct links back to the existing community.
It could provide a focal space for community events and gatherings and would be overlooked by the new residents.


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