Landscape and Open Space

Providing attractive and accessible open space and places for people, and to protect and enhance wildlife have been central to the masterplan designs.

The regeneration of the site provides the opportunity to create new natural habitats along the northern boundary of the site.

This includes a striking new linear community park, linked to by a series of green corridors and pedestrian and cycle routes to the rest of the development. In addition, there will be woodland and wild flower meadows.

Amenity and play areas, have been located throughout the site to ensure that every part has easy access to green spaces. In addition, a playing field is proposed to the north of the site with the potential to accommodate sports uses.

Image: Landscape framework diagram

Community Park

The community park would deliver a highly active and connected green space. 

The park would sit at the heart of a linear green corridor which would extend along the northern edge of the site, reaching out to Kent Road and Friar Park Road.

Village Green

The village green is a key community space at the heart of the community. 

The space would allow for community events, small children’s play space and a focal point for seasonal celebrations.

Northern Playing Fields

We plan to retain the existing Kent Road playing fields in the north-eastern area of the site and introduce some supporting landscapes to enhance the area.

Community Growing Areas

Along the edge of the community park, where the open space meets the housing, the vision is to have a several growing gardens and an orchard. 

These could be community owned and managed by the residents, so that groups can gather and foster a sense of community.

Green Infrastructure Corridors

Several green infrastructure corridors would link the development with the community park, village green and eastern boundary. These spaces could be delivered with a mixture of nature habitats, tree planting, natural drainage and pathways. These would be a key part of the walking and cycling routes around the development.

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