Key Considerations

The site presents many opportunities to enhance the area and address some of the challenges that have limited use of the site. We have taken these into consideration with the initial development of our plans. 

The site is located in Friar Park in the suburbs of Wednesbury. It is currently accessed from Friar Park Road and Kent Road, and the Bescot rail sidings are situated immediately to the north-east. Walsall Road and Tame Bridge Parkway railway station is close-by to the south east, providing good links to other surrounding towns and cities.

A large area of the site was previously used as a sewage treatment plant, as well as for landfill and other industrial uses. This means that there is contamination below the ground which will need to be treated before development can take place. Part of the site is also within an area of historic coal and ironstone mine workings. The land is now made up of grazing and scrub land, and there are some derelict farm buildings in the north.

There are some existing trees and hedgerows on the site which provide habitats for local wildlife to be considered. The north-eastern part of the site, next to the rail sidings, is also allocated as a Site of Local Importance  for Nature Conservation (SLINC) in the Local Plan.

The rest of the site includes Kent Road Park and an area of playing fields behind the Millennium Centre and is a popular location for dog walks during the day.

Site Challenges Plan
Site Challenges Key
Site Challenges Plan

As well as new homes, the proposed regeneration provides the opportunity to address factors which have resulted in the disuse of some of the site and which are potentially harmful to the environment. Crucially it will result in the treatment of contamination resulting from the former industrial uses. Any former mine workings discovered will also be treated as necessary before any development.

The development is also an opportunity to enhance the natural environment; improving habitats and bringing greater biodiversity to the area. The site will be accessible to all and there is an opportunity to create distinctive public spaces for the enjoyment of the wider Friar Park community.  Part of these spaces will be set aside for play and activities, encouraging healthy outdoor lifestyles and well-being.

Finally, the new development will be designed to connect with the existing neighbourhood by providing new, well-designed and safe pedestrian and cycle routes. Together with community spaces and activity areas, they will help to bring greater integration and identity to the area.

Site Opportunities Plan 
Site Opportunities Plan
Site Opportunities Key


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