The Vision

The vision for the masterplan is to create:

  • A people focused, friendly and engaged community
  • A place full of possibilities – a growing community
  • A friendly, welcoming and connected community
  • A beautiful, imaginative and unique place
  • A green and natural place
  • A sustainable, active and healthy place

Our draft masterplan proposals would deliver a wonderful place to live, defined by an inspiring new landscape the whole community could enjoy. The masterplan would deliver around 630 new homes as part of a sustainable urban village. Friar Park Urban Village would leave a lasting, sustainable legacy for Sandwell, a liveable place that endures for centuries. A place where people connect with each other and an environment where people can lead healthy and happy lifestyles.

This modern urban village would become a benchmark residential community, a sustainable place that is embraced by landscape. A happy place, where people know their neighbours and are connected to their surroundings.

…A place to live, a place to be proud of, a place to belong.

The plans for the site have been shaped through the development of six linked design approaches.

A place embraced by nature
An urban village that is surrounded by a natural landscape 

Connected through landscape
Green routes draw people and wildlife into
the development

A series of green spaces
A network of active and useable green spaces that sit on key movement routes

A truly walkable place
Highly permeable pedestrian and cycle friendly neighbourhood

A place for all
Concentrating the density around key arrival points, the central spine and central village green

A place connected to its community
A development that is outward facing, connected to its surroundings

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