The Opportunity

The site at Friar Park has had several uses in the past. This has included farmland, a tramway, a hospital, a foundry and a sewage works. More recently parts of the site have been used for landfill. As a result of these past uses, part of the site is now vacant and has remained underused for a number of years.

The Black Country Core Strategy 2011 requires Sandwell, together with the other Black Country Authorities to provide at least 63,000 new homes by 2026. This is to provide homes for a growing population and ensure the provision of affordable housing.

West Midland Combined Authority and Sandwell Council have a ‘Brownfield Land First’ policy, which supports the re-use of previously developed land (known as ‘brownfield land’). This policy influences where new homes are planned and this site at Friar Park has been allocated for housing by Sandwell Council for a number of years in the Local Plan. It is one of the largest brownfield sites available for housing in the region and an excellent opportunity for new homes to be delivered in Sandwell where they are needed.

Friar Park Urban Village Site Context Map

The development of the site is a key opportunity to deliver positive change in the area. The proposals will embed ‘Garden City Principles’ into the design, providing a template for a beautifully designed, sustainable and healthy new neighbourhood. They also ensure that developments are community focused. Based on these principles, we have created our own, for the design of Friar Park Urban Village, which are shown below.

Our vision is for a new ‘Urban Village’ which is seamlessly connected with the existing community and provides a beautiful location for much needed new homes in the area. We want to make a vibrant new neighbourhood with high-quality and useable open spaces. To create a place people will be proud to call home. 

We are planning to submit a Hybrid Planning Application for the site as the next step in securing its regeneration. This will include a masterplan for the site and a development and remediation strategy, which will create a strategy for treating land contamination.


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