Government guidelines state the following for events after 17 May 2021.

Event organisers will need to adhere to the three requirements set out below. This includes the need to follow the relevant COVID-secure guidance, taking reasonable steps to limit the risk of transmission, completing a related risk assessment, and adhering to all legal requirements, including ensuring that those attending an event do not mix beyond what is permitted by social contact limits.

  1. Event organisers follow all relevant COVID-secure guidance depending on the type of event, and complete a related risk assessment.
  2. Organisers and attendees adhere to all legal requirements, including maintaining group sizes permitted by social contact restrictions at the relevant step in the Roadmap and preventing mixing between groups, enforcing social distancing guidelines and mandating face coverings in indoor areas where required.
  3. All reasonable action has been taken by the event organiser to mitigate risk to public health.
  • The social contact limits for permitted organised gatherings outside is 30 people.
  • Organisers should also mitigate risk to public health by controlling attendance, limiting numbers to take account of the space and ventilation of a venue and implementing effective infection prevention and control measures.
  • For those events subject to capacity caps, it should be noted that the caps refer to the event attendees only. Staff, workers and volunteers are covered by the work exemption so should not be counted as part of the capacity cap.
  • Outdoor venues may be partially sheltered, such as marquees, but cannot be enclosed or substantially enclosed. For example, at least 50% of the wall area of the marquee must be open for it to be considered outdoors.

For the safety of everyone we are implementing the below precautions at the event: 

  • The events are being held outside under marquee shelter. On arrival please head down the driveway to the car park. 
  • There is a limit of 30 people within the marquee at any one time, therefore it may be that you have to queue on arrival. Please maintain social distancing while doing this. 
  • On entry you will be asked to check in to the NHS Track and Trace or provide your contact details.  
  • Please wear a mask, unless exempt. 
  • Sanitiser will be available. 
  • Please maintain social distancing while in the marquee viewing the material. 
  • Please limit travel to and from the event to your household/bubble in line with government guidelines. 

Please do not attend the events if you have recently displayed symptoms of COVID. 

If you have COVID symptoms or test positive for COVID in the next 7-10 days please inform the Friar Park Community Team immediately on the details below.  

Call our Community Helpline: 0800 0588 161

Email us: