West Midlands Combined Authority and Sandwell Council are working together to deliver a new residential community in Friar Park, currently known as Friar Park Urban Village. We are seeking your views on the site, and its surrounding area, to help us make plans that respond to the local community’s hopes and aspirations.

The proposed development presents an exciting opportunity for regeneration in the area. It will provide a mix of high-quality homes and open spaces, with new pedestrian, cycle and transport links to the surrounding areas. The site covers approximately 27 hectares (around 40 football pitches) making it one of the largest brownfield development sites in the region.
Friar Park Urban Village and Key Local Landmarks

What benefits could the development bring to Friar Park?

  • Addressing local housing needs

  • Redevelopment of brownfield rather than Greenbelt land

  • Creation of enhanced high quality public open space

  • Treatment of historic land contamination

  • Creation of jobs through construction


Public Consultation

Our Phase 1 Consultation ran from 10th May for 6 weeks. This was our first phase of public consultation, where we presented our early thoughts and ideas for the site, based on our research and surveys to date, alongside discussions with key stakeholders.
This consultation period ended on 20th June. Thank you to everyone that attended our public information days and provided your feedback. We are now working on developing our proposals. A second consultation period on our developed plans will take place in 2022 prior to submitting a planning application.  

View our initial thoughts and plans for Friar Park Urban Village


Please get in touch if you have any comments or questions on the Friar Park Urban Village development. 

Call our Community Helpline: 0800 0588 161

Email us: hello@friarparkurbanvillage.co.uk

Write to us: FREEPOST Friar Park Urban Village 
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